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Pumptracks are becoming popular, as they provide a great inclusive way for kids of all ages to enjoy a track using a bike, scooter, skateboard or inline skates.

To promote this new and upcoming phenomenon, the KNWU a.k.a the Royal Dutch sport cycling federation commissioned this website with me. I developed it together with Friendly Users, who helped with the UX & visual design.

The site helps people to find pumptracks nearby using powerful search and an interactive map. It also gives advice how to get a track in their own neighbourhood.

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Koninklijke Nederlandse Wielren Unie
PHP, Wordpress, CSS, Javascript screenshot

The homepage shows all tracks on a map and highlights top rated & new tracks. screenshot

Search results are sorted by distance or rating. screenshot

Search results can also be shown on a map. screenshot

There is a dedicated section that helps people how to get a track in their neighbourhood. screenshot

The blog contains news messages about pumptracks and tips & tricks for its users and related events.