Bram likes to experiment with the web's possibilities

A tool to quickly mockup a design or provide visual feedback, using customized symbols and some sweet copy-paste screenshot action.

This tool lives in the browser, so it always is at your disposal. When you visit the app, it opens a blank canvas. Here you can draw things, or paste images or add symbols.

I made this tool to speed up my workflow. I use it on a daily basis to provide feedback to teammembers and clients, point to issues or quickly add sketches to existing screens to clarify ideas.

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React.js, JSON, HTML, Sass, CSS3, Javascript

Here is a screencast of some of the features.


A blank canvas is shown when you visit the website.


You can paste images from your clipboard and add drawings and other elements. The canvas can be exported as an image, or you can make a screenshot of it to paste it in another app.


It is an easy place to do some lo-fi sketching to clarify an idea.