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Lifestage Solutions supports the Swiss healthcare system by offering smart tools for a wide range of use-cases. This simplifies and speeds up healthcare processes and improves the care that patients receive.

The tools include a huge online shop where medical supplies can be ordered, smart prescriptions management and even a system that helps monitor supplies in the warehouse, to name a few.

The development process was state of the art; designers work out flows with the product owner, UX engineers like myself build these flows with mock data using components from an ever evolving library in Storybook, after which backend developers connect the real data to the components. The responsabilities are clear and separated, which results in a straightforward process and high speed development.

Lifestage Solutions
UX engineer
React.js, styled-components, Storybook
Lifestage screenshot

Example of a shop page

Lifestage screenshot

One of the material history screens

Lifestage screenshot

Dashboard showing various statistics

Lifestage screenshot

Advanced prescription management

Lifestage screenshot

Material plan configuration for parts of the day